Wednesday, July 11, 2007


emma watson
I am hermione, i have always been. My knack in knowing things and my eagerness to capture data make me her, or so I believe or wish. Hehe. Ok, i became hermione when Harry Potter became a movie and Emma Watson played Hermione's part. (All together now: aaaaah.) We had same name, that was it.
And if youre an avid reader of harry potter you'd know who hermione ended up with. (Double Aaaaaaaaah!) Sadly though, that is where me and hermione differs now. My past life could have been like her but "me" today is a different story. Lets see what JK Rowling wrote in book 7, maybe she'll end up with a chipmunk, ahaha!
emma mariano and jedi diah

i watched harry potter and the order of phoenix last night,(july 16,2007), at IMAX theatre Mall of Asia. that was my first IMAX experience, it may take long before i could go back because tickets cost a fortune, 400 peso each, ouches (hahaha). while we do look weird with those glasses on, the thrill of meeting harry face to face is not commensurate.
the movie was great, the theatre was superb (though expensive) and the company too. i wish i could bring simon, gail, kiel and mik sa theatre. they would have love watching "a night at the museum" there!

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