Wednesday, June 20, 2007

take your time, butterfly

my 5 year old swatch watch retired last friday. the hook of the bracelet snapped. the hook serves as a connection between the bracelet and the watch (so kahit bumili ng new bracelet wala ng paglalagyan). it can't be a wristwatch any longer.

the watch itself still runs smoothly. the time is still accurate, it's face is still beautiful. but it will not function the way it should be. i couldnt place it on my wrist anymore, there'd be no bracelet to bind it. no connection.

i told my sister we could turn it into a chain watch, eventhough its not meant to be a chain i think it can be transformed into something more than just a wristwatch.

parang life din. sometimes a part of you will just snap. connections will be cut off. but there's more to life than being an old you. a new you will emerge. metamorphosis will transpire.

you just cannot dwell on something that can no longer happen, that will no longer work. you have to develop the ability to adopt to certain changes that come your way. be it big or small, it really doesnt matter. God will see you through.

so take your time. relax. don't jump hastily. slow down.

"Guard your heart for it will affect everything you do." Proverbs 4:23

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