Thursday, June 14, 2007

moving on!

Hypothesis Ha:
There is no way i'm gonna make myself miserable over somebody who does not value me much. Therefore I will do things better to make my days more meaningful.
Hypothesis Ho:
Pride will tell me not to give up. Therefore I will succumb to misery until i die.

Ano sa palagay nyo? Eh di sa HA na ko di ba? Ho is the hypothesis when u fail to do the right things, it is null.

Moving on is not something you will wait for. It is something you will decide upon. Life has its ups and downs. When your down you have to keep on working hard to get up.
Live your life to the fullest, yeah!
"Live" is a verb. Verb means it takes action.
"Your" means the phrase is talking to the person himself. Others cannot make you live your life to fullest, none will happen if you didnt choose to live it.
"Fullest" means to the max! to the bones! and to every drop of blood and sweat of your body! No boundaries, no walls!

With God everything will be well. I just have to trust Him more this time. I shall not make any move. He will make my path clear.

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