Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2nd Anniversary Part2

So here goes the 2nd Part =D
We had a fun loong weekend since there's no work yesterday as it is Brunei Armed Forces Day.
Friday: Off to airport we go, thanks to low cost plane fare via Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia. That's only a 40 minute ride, one moment the pilot says were taking off then another we hear him say fasten your seatbelts were about to land at KK.

Here's a pic while we are checking in, waiting at the plane's gate and last is at the plane where I saw another rainbow! I just love it when I see one

Next is our pic at ShangriLa Rasa Ria Resort. They will bang the gong when a visitor enters that's the cue for the kumintang guy to play. The 3 of us waited forever for our room, Thea obviously is super bored na but mommy is always ready for her camera smile, dad however is near boiling point here good thing Thea always makes his day and yeah me too!!!

We were given a room alright but not quite the way we expect it coz we reserved for a king size bed and we were given twin beds. So hubby phoned the reservation again and ask for another room, if boiling point is 100 he is at that time 99 - pag kinagat sya ng lamok malamang kukulo na hahaha! What's great is they upgraded us, that's just fair since they made us wait forever for a room right? Anyway we were given an ocean view room and that's good news especially when the sunset is nearing our little girl fell asleep. The view from the room is awesome enough to ease all the stress. Peace!

Thea likes swimming is an understatement, she super duper loves the water. Great thing the resort has a 1 foot pool with slide, Thea walked and played with us on the pool even took the slide with her dad. Her face always lit up everytime they take the slide making the daddy super tired. The girl slips and drank water but she just brushed it off and played again. We waged war when we asked her to stop and change.

The beach looks nice but its very hot and with baby it is just hard to take a walk under the scorching heat. So after taking the tourist's shots we went back to the pool and swim to the delight of the little girl.

So that's the 2nd Part of our Anniversary cum Summer outing! Hope you all had a great summer time!

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