Friday, August 17, 2007

SuperTyphoon Egay and the Weakening Peso

Two super news hit Manila: EGAY & Peso:Dollar = 46.43

Well Egay is a natural phenomenon an inevitable event that our country had been experiencing year after year. So even though they call it 'super' i still don't see it so shocking.

Peso:Dollar =46.43, haaay how come this forex keeps on changing. Kainis. My assumptions will have to change drastically from our prior projection of 45:1 to say 47 again? Maybe it will correct itself in December when remittance from kababayan abroad comes.

Ok, this entry is not interesting. i just added it for me to write what's what with our country, and have a glimpse of it in the future.

BTW, i wonder what's the weather in BORA!

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