Thursday, August 16, 2007

my main guy

we don't have pics yet but yeah he's nice! hahaha. we've been hanging out pretty late these days. great that the girls find him attractive too and doesnt mind if we stay out late. i'll bring him home this weekend, i bet they'd love him too especially the kids. we'll bring suhol just in case.

he does whatever i command him to do. great stuff huh?

i'll show you pics next time =P

and btw our anniv was august 10, 2007. 8-10-07 doesnt ring a bell, but anyway that was it, can't amend it hehe. I knew i like him the first time i saw him but i was hesitant to fall for him just yet but then i havent found else that would match me and my needs like he does so there he is. a perfect match, say around 3 years perhaps!

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