Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Start of Something NEW

August is definitely my month! Love it, love it!!!

My August 2007 is a bit different, but it still has this components I keep on having every year:

Bits of disappointments
Reality checks a many (hehe)
Dozen and dozen of "work as if there's no tomorrow"
Rain and super storms [literally and methaporically speaking =) ]
Gifts - Yey gifts!- those unexpected little things that brighten my day are the best

and of course my new set of Something New!!!
New Friends!
New Shoes hahaha, girl ako eh!
New perfume - Pleasures by Estee Lauder (syemps idol si Gwyneth Paltrow) ; btw, i don't usually use it kc tinitipid ko harhar
New Bag - freebie from Pleasures
New Cellphone (im not overspending, the phone is free! my 3 year contract with globe ended so i took another one this time 2 years lang)
New Number (i won't post it for obvious reasons)
New Pictures by Randell (haha...i still don't have pics, I will next time)

Oh, and this year is way loaded than last year. While I was busy beading and making cellphone cases last year, school's paperworks and finals keep me busy this year. Awwww, as in the load is too many. The vacation leave, I suppose, is enough to keep me sane. i dont actually know if i'll be able to get my scholarship pa next term. Well, whatever happens will happen anyway. So I guess I just have to concentrate on doing my best rather than pressure myself with the scholarship thing. But do pray for me allright? It would boost me up big time.

I hope God will grant me another rainbow same as last year. But then that will mean raindrops will come too. No cares, rainbow during birthdays are the bestest gift ever! Men can't do that for you.

So its a start of something new!
It feels all right to be here with you.
And now looking in your eyes.
I feel in my heart.
Its start of something new!

(Don't put meaning in the words they were from a lyric. i wanted to add the audio here pero I cant. Medyo technical pag add ng audio and I dont have enough time to learn about it)

So happy birthday me! 28 na ko! Happy =)

btw today is ninoy aquino day, but due to holiday economics the holiday was moved to esterday 'monday". oks lang kasi i'm on leave. i bet, you will scold me for blogging instead of reviewing. eh pano namen, mas enjoy mag-blog kesa sa magreview. okies? i love gsb rcbc, ok lang kung mahirapan ako magdala ng laptop dito. hahaha.

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