Thursday, August 02, 2007


"why aren't we allowed to pick the flowers of a fruit bearing tree?"
for us to enjoy the fruit itself. because if we choose to pick the flowers there'd be no fruit for us to enjoy.

this morning a howler from J.K.Rowling said "HOW COULD YOU EM?"

I'm sorry. I was only looking for names then I thought of hermione and there I was, inside her wikipedia. Waaaaah, and there i saw a major spoiler of what happened to her. Waaaaaaaah.

Sometimes I want to internalize every bit of word in the book, just so I'll have more time to spend with Harry. Then, there were times i would wanna scan everything just so i would know what happened.

But i hate spoilers. I want surprises to come my way. My gifts during Christmas time aren't opened till 12midnight. I'm sorry Ms.Rowling, but I'm more sorry to myself.

This is just one of those things you won't enjoy if you rush it. haaaaaay. at least I still don't know if harry dies. If you know the story, dare not tell me the ending. I will not forgive you. =P

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