Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 days before my birthday

usually i am on a vacation, just having a great time with my family. er, not that i am not good at the moment but of course having extra bed time, play time and tv time with the kids are just more appealing than going to school, making your term paper, having to sleep around 4 in the morning.

i can't write much at the moment but many things had transpired since. i am happy yet there are so many other issues to deal with before i could freely say the rain is over. i don't wanna go back in that journey but i'm thankful i had.

drizzle may come once in a while and i will welcome it just because it will make me more stronger and will make me love more the things that i have right now.

my term paper makes me insane. wake me up when september starts, that's the only time to PARTY!!!

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