Friday, November 24, 2006



anong meron ang taong happy!!!

thanksgiving 2006

I have a lot of WIP's lately. To summarize here's the list
- Amortizing for the La Residencia lot
- Christmas toys for kids (please donate at least one see
- MS Financial Engineering
- Teaching and being a good sister (yeah older sister) to my teen class at Sunday School
- Motivate Young Professional at church to be active once and for all hehe

and here's something we might all learn from

The reason why we refuse to let go of a person we love is because we
are afraid to be alone. But if that person doesn’t love us, then being with
him or her doesn’t make any difference. We would have someone beside us, but
still be alone. The real essence of a relationship lies in the commitment of
two people, and not just one. It lies in the basic foundation of love that is
shared by two and not just felt by one. You simply
cannot be happy with a man who loves someone else. Do not allow yourself to be
a prisoner of your own desires. Let us always remember that it is in giving
and not in taking that we experience the real meaning of love. It is in loving
and not in wanting to be loved in return that we find real happiness. by joe d mango

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