Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have lots of kwento but i dont have much time. I might be able to update this later. Anyways, here it is.

I went to davao and ate durian. It wasnt my first time to eat this strange (foul smelling) fruit but I like it better now. I didnt know that there was 2 kinds of durian till monday, native and argoncillo (is that correct?). I like the native one, the taste was not as desirable as the other fruits but its distinct and yeah good. What I don't want really was when your breath smells like durian after, eeeew. But its fun experience, especially when I really don't know how long will it take me to wait till I would go to davao again. I hardly see the city. As I have written at my last entry, we got shelved at the hotel. nyek.

I have to edit this friday siguro, i have something to do tomorrow.

Pacquio TKOd Morales at the 3rd round.
I heart my new shoes, they have heels. (connect the dots)
I wore dress monday and tuesday (sa roadshow) and I felt pretty, actually I was. But now I am back to my old me.
I told myself I should have a crush, someone I could mababaw kilig with. I found one, and I know his name. He's not from the office nor he a movie star. He's suplado and I like that.
Others I have to write next time,sayang I really dont have enough time. kainis.


markz08 said...

wow, exciting... :P

em said...

yeah! we don't know each other too! hahaha

mark lagman said...

ako to, si mark heehhehe

em said...

haha loko mo! i am referring to my crush =P

mark lagman said...

crush??? uuuyyy, in love... hehhe

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