Monday, November 13, 2006

long weekend

November 30, BOnifacio day

Holiday will be moved to Friday for us to enjoy a long weekend! Divisoria here we come. I guess I have to be super duper early to avoid the human stampede in the afternoon. Eeew, baho pa pag siksikan saka dami snatcher hmmmp.

Thery were joking that Christmas too will be moved, kaso magagalit daw si Jesus. Haha, oo nga. I wonder what does Andres and Jose feels whenever their bday commemoration moves to a convenient day.

Long weekend! I am still super excited whenever it comes. Kahit na I don't wait for someone to come (there's no one na nga pala), I still have this extra energy for the upcoming weekend. The kid in me loves holidays.

Walang kwenta post na to. I will try to write with sense next time. Cooperate na lang muna, nagtatae ako eh. hahaha!

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