Monday, December 04, 2006

the havoc of typhoon reming

Sad. How could 4 calamities sooo big happen to just one province in a year?

Typhoon Reming had caused serious damage to Bicol province. This year alone several calamities had already strucked Region V. There was Bagyong Henry and the Mayon Eruption Henry & Mayon then the dreary Bagyong Milenyo Milenyo , who had brought heavy winds to this already beaten up province. And who would have known, another super-typhoon, Reming would be more destructive than the previous ones? Hundreds of people lost their lives as volcanic debris from Mayon came tumbling down to nearby barangays.

To date, Albay still doesnt have electricity and probably wouldnt have until after Christmas. Unpassable highways and broken biridges caused the supply of commodities to fall thus prices shoot up. Only making it harder to the Bicolanos.

Manila hardly felt Reming since it didnt pass the city. Those that are not affected willingly help their fellow Filipinos in the Bicol region. Glad that the Bayanihan spirit lievs on! Who says Filipinos doesnt care?

We all feel sad about all that has happened. Even though some of us might not have electricity, some lost their homes, some even lost their love ones, we still have a reason to celebrate christmas.

There is a God who sent His son to save us. We also have to remember that even Jesus didnt have a decent place on Christmas day.

"At kahit na anong mangyari. Ang PAGIBIG sanay maghari. Sapat ng si Hesus ang kasama mo. Tuloy na tuloy pa rin ang PASKO!"

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