Friday, November 17, 2006

will you miss me?

do you even know i still exist? naah, i don't think so.
pardon my drama, these are just to balance the comedy i've been through since i last posted an enrty. remember, i said there that i don't want drama for some time muna? haha, i got it!

i went to Midweek service after office and the pastor, i don't know his name, was hilarious. he can crack joke yet still deliver the message clearly. i had the laugh i had wanted, i didn't even had to go see a comedy film to unwind. Si Lord talaga corny paminsan, when you're about to burst into tears for roaming the mall alone (yet again) he brings not just smiles but laughter! hahaha.

Then at the end of the day, i paused for a prayer to thank and ask (sadly there were more asking than thanking) Him something. And suddenly, dundundudun, something happened,i can't elaborate but He answered my prayer right away. But still He gave me a serious thought. That He is in control, that it is not time yet and with all these He still grants my simple requests because He loves me and He wants to make me happy.

Lesson: simple things in life matters

Back to my subject, will you miss me? I'll be going to cebu and davao next week. Leave a message if you will. Naaah, no one's gonna read this anyway!

Happy trip to me then!

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markz08 said...

pasalubong koh... -mark

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