Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Davao and Cebu

I'll be in Davao and Cebu this coming Monday and Tuesday. Excited ako, kahit na i would hardly see the city because we'll be shelved at the hotel(hehe), excited pa din ako!

Yahoo yahoo.

Pansin ko lang, i rarely do serious post now! and those I've written with sense are 'emo' thus are not posted and are kept in archive. I also wanna watch movie so much that I might go and see comedy film later. After the service siguro. I don't want drama muna, there were too much lately. I wouldnt want to entertain any serious, emotional and tearjerk film, eeeew. I want to laugh, so hard I couldnt breath. Hehe.

Want to tell everybody that I am in pain so please stop telling me ur problems coz sharing it to me feels like it doesnt have sense, coz I couldn't help you anyway. But then maybe, just maybe God is trying my patience. So tomorrow, I think I shall meet somebody and share her burden.

But before that, I shall unwind muna later.

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