Friday, November 04, 2011

What Blessed Means

Blessed means celebrating Thea's 3rd birthday with family and friends! I meant for all of us to just dine together and just decorate the house to turn it to a happy mood but it felt like I threw a party! I put up a Backyardigans tarpaulin not the usual Happy Birthday banner just because I knew Thea would prefer to have Pablo, Uniqua, Tyron, Tasha and Austin's picture over hers. I also setup the tunnel and tent set I bought for her months ago so other kids can play there too, it was a hit!

Blessed means seeing the smile on the little girl's face when she rides the swing - our gift for her this year. It brought smiles even laughter to other kids too, the only contingency is the bermuda that went bald after the whole day activity, hehe. Grass lang yun we can buy sacks of it but we cannot buy the laughter that gift brought to many of the birthday girl's guest aka cousins.

Blessed means having to sleep at your own home. Super thanky Papa God for this blessing. This is a major thing for Alvin and I! He worked hard for this and I prayed hard for it hehe, nice combination huh! Seriously, it really feels great to have a place of your own and though the moving in phase is not yet over we already feel that this house is our HOME!

Blessed means spending the holidays with the bestest people! Hubby has been busy with all the work and has been spending a lot of time in the office. He's been coming home late because he needs to finish some urgent project. Thank you Lord for the holidays. How long was it? 4 straight days right? Awesome awesome looong weekend. Next week ulit!!!

Blessed means having your family around you! It was my eldest sister's birthday the day after Thea's, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE MAI! We had a great time bonding, so fun that when they have to leave our house the little girl cried 'WIYAW" meaning 'ayaw' aaaaw she didnt want them to leave our house, sweeet :D

Blessed means reading good news about the stocks exchange when you've been reading low dow jones for some time err months :D

Blessed means receiving a big news from the abode of peace! We have been praying about it for quite a while and finally a development comes and we are happy and thankful and awed by the God's provision.

Blessed means talking to the Speech Therapist and hearing great news!

Blessed means seeing circles and squares and triangles in Thea's coloring book. Hearing her sing Alicia Keys "No One, No One, No Onehahahan" and High Five's version of Happy Happy Birthday!

Blessed means celebrating your fourth year with the person you most love! Having breakfast date at the lobby of his office building hehe! Plus receiving a bunch of roses, "Best of Me" and "The Last Olympian" (with american cover this time coz my first copy has England cover and it doesnt match with others - nagexplain?) books :)

Have another blessed loong weekend everyone!

Blessed and Loved,


Liv Reyes said...

What a beautiful post! You are so blessed not only because of all the things you have but primarily because you are able to see and appreciate them all. ;p

em said...

thanks sis!

Chie Vallesteros said...
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Chie Vallesteros said...

Blessed indeed :) And you truly deserve all of it and much much more. Sexy ni Theapot. See you guys soon.

em said...

Hi Chie, Tnx tnx! Yep, see u soon. i got gifts for Lucas. Madami kasi akong pegboards hahaha ok pa ba yun sa kanya :p

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