Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Althea Keys

She took my phone again and asked mommy to go to music then she chose "NO ONE" by Alicia Keys, her new flavor of the month after her monthlong romance with "PRICETAG" - yes she did love that song. Thea will play them over and over until we all memorize the line, thank God for the repeat mode otherwise we'll have to hold the phone and put it back to the favorite song.

Back to "No One" song: Last October 30, she sang "No one, No One, No Onehahahah" but never did she repeat it even with much prodding. Last night though was different, she was reading a book when suddenly she started singing

"No One, No Two, No Twi, No Fo, No Fay, No Sic, No Semen (hehe), No Ayt, No Nine, No Ten"

Dear Althea Keys,

No one not even Ten can take us away from what we feel for you.

Love Mommy and Daddy

She got bitten by an ant but that wouldnt stop her and mommy from a photoshoot! Thanks Tita Mai for the pretty terno she soooo love!

additional pic: "BEFORE"
as requested, yan lang ang nakascan dont know kung nasan yung iba

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ate mai said...

hi nyem nyem, i love thea's poses here, especially the last one...reminds me of her mom when she was posing like dina bonnevie...remember? do you have a copy of that pic? post it here and yah!

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