Saturday, November 19, 2011

House Construction - Permits

Yay! I did find the "Permits" post I wrote before hubby reformatted my laptop. Virus virus go away. I find it hard to find my files every time "rouge" (laptop's name) gets reformatted. I dont know where did the bug came from maybe when someone shared her usb, nahiya ako magdecline - lesson learned the hard way.

So here it is :)

House Construction Part4 – Permits

You will need a building permit before you can start the construction. Assuming all the revisions have been polished, you can now get the necessary permits to build your dreamhouse! But one cannot just go to the municipal or city hall to get one, you need to prepare the requirements - mind you our dear Philippines has loads of requirements :)

1. Barangay Permit to Construct – (note for Abby – for La Res you need to know where your lot is located ours is in baranggay Balite, others are from baranggay Pio Cruzcoza and baranggay San Marcos)

2. 7 copies of your Blueprint – 2 for zoning permit, 1 for fire department and 4 for the Engineer’s office, Again you’ll need 10 copies usually they will give you 7 only but you’ll need more if you are going to get a loan, 1 will be used by your foreman and you’ll need to save copy too. I suggest you buy the long paper container engineer’s use, I don’t know the name, it is cylindrical made of plastic and usually comes in black color – you’ll put your copy here so that it won’t fade easily.

3. 3 copies each of vicinity and location map

4. 5 green long expandable folders – at least that’s for Calumpit municipal hall year 2011, next year it will change again.

5. 7 copies of Bill of Materials and Bill of Specifications

6. FALAR – I forgot what it stands for but its Fire eclavu

7. Photocopies of PRC ID’s of your Civil, Electrical, Sanitary and Structural Engineers

8. Title of the lot - on your name

Before you ask someone to draw the plan, ask him if he will process the permits if not ask for his help - he should be willing to take you to the office because he’s more familiar with those things. Also ask if the corresponding fees are included in the contract.

Took me 2 weeks before the permits were released I made sure to bring all the requirements before I went there.

So that's it, I hope this will help you prepare for your dreamhouse goverment permits.

For those in the subdivisions:
After you get the govt permits you need to go to your subdivision admin to deposit a bond for the construction permit. Ours is 25k, refundable thats if you did not wreck anything during the construction.

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