Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Decorations

For Filipino homes Christmas decorations usually start after All Saints Day!

Hubby setup the tree last Saturday I put up the flowers but it looks boring without Christmas balls so come Tuesday I bought some more decors, swag of "plastic" leaves P75 each and some christmas balls. Since its market day i bought a box of 30 balls with shiny strings for the tree and a star for only 250 pesos - a bargain because it has a Rustan's tag price worth P750 :)

I put the swag at the stairs added some ribbons and balls. VOILA

The tree is a cheap at P1500, bought at Red Camia Apalit! Need not put Christmas lights because the leaves light up on its own when u plug it. The same tree at SM costs around 5k - 7k.
I wanted to buy a wreath but it is P110 so I just bought the swag and made a wreath out of it,bigger pa for only 75! The "Merry Christmas" sign is P50!

Total cost for the decorations is P2,300. With that I am absolutely happy.

Merry Christmas everyone and happy decorating :D


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Kitts said...

That was indeed a great deal ;) Low cost doesn't really mean cheap ;)

I think we have the same tree bought from SM last 2009 at a much higher price :| I just saw a similar star topper yesterday at around P700 nga.

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