Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I don't like Videoke

WARNING: This is a rant so if you dont like to hear it skip this.

My sudden dislike of Videoke came up when I realized it induces alcohol intake to men. Have you notice yet? Singing of songs at the videoke is correlated to the number of beer they consume. They think they sing better when they're drunk. Which is for me the most lame excuse to drink.

Videoke - the one you rent for 500 pesos or more during peak season got super loud decibel, you can sing and let the whole village hear your altonado voice - creeps. Sometimes people think that because there's an occasion you can just sing your heart out not minding if your neighbors are dying from heart attack because they couldnt stomach the way you sing. And even if you sing nice, your neighbor might just want to spend their weekend silently - peacefully. It would have been okay if you have a soundproof room that way you wouldnt have to bother other peeps from their slumber. But behold, here in the province - people can rent a Videoke and let their neigbors suffer.

I need to clarify that I think Videoke can be cool, it could if used privately. I dont think a person has the right to ruin ones soundwaves just as no one has the right to pollute ones air. Its okay to have a great time just dont torture others with your My My My Delilah song. Ayayay

And because Christmastime is soooo very near I bet Videoke will abound more. Got to keep my cool because I do live in the province where people arent sensitive enough to other people's privacy.

Before I end my post, not very related but here it goes, please answer why do people drink on Christmas? Dont tell me they are celebrating the savior's birth because I will have to slap their face. Come on, wake up man, if it's your birthday drink for all I care but Christmas is not your day. Cant they do something meaningful rather than poisoning oneself? Is celebrating for you the same as drinking? Crap.

I need to be loving and patient and kind but I also need to let this out. So bear with me.

Breathe in, breathe out. Ciao.

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