Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Caleb - my little superhero

So my little munchkin turned two last November 2! His birthday is just 3 days apart from Ate Thea but the kids are very different. While Ate would have a grand time swimming and just being there for hours , our dear bunso (yes bunso na sya hahaha) loves being surrounded by cousins and friends. We had a mini salo salo, got the usual Spaghetti cake and ice cream! Lolas from both sides brought ginataan and buko pandan. Lola A cooked her signature lumpia too which is always a hit!!!

His guests were just first cousins and 3 of our dear friend's children but he was super happy. Oh we had a theme, I bet you can guess what it is.

He was into cars weeks before so I went pinteresting (that's when you search something and all sorts of awesome will appear in the screen) cars party then it was too much work, well I'm willing but mickey mouse diy party is soooo easy, was tempted to do one until he became interested with superman.
Picture from pinterest
He would ask for cape or his medyo bitin na tshirt i bought last year pa. He'll zoom and fly all around with a red cowbow hanky turned cape,something he he had fun playing with his dad. What's funny was he hadn't watched any superman movie or cartoon when we noticed his liking for pretend flying and capes. 

The quest for superman theme began. We got superman lollipops, buko pandan kryptonite, building silhouette backdrop, a carton turned building to hide the chair where the celebrator would stand and syempre I needed to go buy his costume.

Was researching about superman story and its resemblance to Jesus', would have wanted to share it to the kids but there was not enough time to prepare materials and practice story telling.  Maybe some other playdate.

Dear Leb,

We asked God  years ago for Ate Thea's sibling. Me and dad would pray everyday but all that didn't prepared us for you, indeed God  is generous.  You are so much more than we asked for.

You are our sunshine machine, you color the house even when it's raining. Your silly antics, your funny robot dance, your not quite understandable (oh gulay what's that word?) lyrics, your laugh, you trying to please us, your mimic skills you cutie parrot are just a few things we love about you.

Hmmm i dont formally teach you nor do we have lessons to follow coz we just want you to enjoy being a child. Nonetheless that doesn't mean you weren't learning from our playtime.  You can recognize letters, A B C then we jumped to S M T O. You know circle, square and triangle. Oval and heart too. You can also count... you're say one two three seven ten!!!

Music is close to your heart. You can repeat a tone and I would have to scan my brain for that song because you want me to sing it too. It feels like im in a contest, I can name that tune in 3 notes. But dear there are just too many song that weve playedand sometimes it aint easy guessing soplease be patient. You still know your twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider but a lot of Christian songs were added on your list. You know the songs from Ate's CD you even know what song will  play next. I love how you sing I have decided to follow Jesus, I really hope that one day you will decide to follow Him!

May our dear God bless you and keep you from harm and sickness. We love you much.

Mama and Dad

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