Thursday, January 15, 2015

Looking back last quarter's Activities and pictures!

So last year's 4th quarter was a bit hectic. With all the patterns and sewing and marketing I had to make to make my dream come true. What was I'm talking about? Well  I had this mini cushions and pillow business, whoa business, more like racket for Christmas.

I joined an online bazaar and just a few ordered when it was just starting, but when the queen of the bazaar took notice order came and the total for the three is already 400 pieces so I needed to tell them I am not accepting orders anymore. Much work was required from tracing the pattern to
cutting to sewing to flipping over (not easy I tell you) to putting fiber to last stitch and putting the gold thread I have to tell you it was a chore. Actually one of the sisters I had to turn down PM me the other day if I am still available to make some orders, again I had to beg off because walang isang yayey and this is really a chore and feeling ko lugi sa trabaho as I only make 10/piece for this little thing.

Well, I enjoyed stitching and making fabric into something nice. The letter cushion has always been in my mind, single days pa when I received a letter cushion from my sister's best friend. The scrabble pillow I saw in Instagram last year and I just fell in love, scrabble is one of the few board games we have at home (Mariano).  Got several orders and break even point is within reach hehe, meaning I need to make some more pa. Please guys order ha ;) This is 150/pc for a 13x13 pillow.

Highlight was when someone ordered for these 2 families: Waaah gusto ko lagyan ng letter kay Juday and tell her uyyyy alam mo ba kamukha daw kita hahaha pero nun yun nung di ka pa masyadong payat :P

And though busy I never let my social life wither, I still went out and met with friends. Friends who loves me and my love for books. We went to this book sale and it was like a dream hahaha. Thank you ladies, the books are not as cheap as I thought they'd be but with lots of efforts from my kumares sinulit ko talaga ang punta! These and those they bought are only for P2k! We needed to reach 2k so we could have 500 peso worth of books for free. That's the John Green over there a gift for  myself!!! love love love!

It's a white polo Christmas at the Regalado house. Here's our yearly photo from 2012 - 2014 counterclockwise. While last year's photo was formal we hired a prof then, this year phone camera  sufficed. As we were all busy with the preps and me sewing we werent able to pause and pose at the tree before the Christmas rush. This year our photo was really on December 24 before Christmas eve!
Then last day of 2014 I need to have a boy scout theme picture of my boys. As early as September I already bought husband's uniform, and because of the clutter I couldnt find it by Dec 31. Ending he used last year's shirt which is hmmmm not his size any longer. Pero di ba dad by August no?

 My laging handa boys! I love you

 This was taken I guess early December, when orders arent that many yet. Seldom do we go inside this carousel together, either one of the kids won't come but this time both did thus a picture is necessary.
 You see my little girl? She's really a doll nowadays with her current fashion trend, long sleeve shirts. She will wear them over and over, now I have to buy more shirts because she doesnt want to wear her sando or tshirt at home just her long sleeves. But yeah she carries it well, pumapayat sya tignan hahaha, may future ang batang ito sa fashion!!!
Lookie here, waaah dalaga na baby ko! Long sleeves ulit now with matching tutu skirt! You'll see more of this shirt in her pictures, she got it from Tita Mai who had to search Robinson to find it. SUlit!
This was their Big Day Christmas Presentation. She performed, well standing there sway sway ng konti and not making a scene trying to go down the stage is a huge improvement!!! Waaah tuwang tuwa ako at ang tatay nya sobra. Thank you Lord!!!
 Regalado December 24, we were about to shout Merry Christmas here for hubs eldest bro based overseas. Captured Thea's smile via screenshot! I love screenshot option!!!  i love my phone actually it can bluetooth transfer files like this pic. Ayan ha love ko na samsung, eye candy si apple pero functional talaga si s5 eh.
here's Mariano's turn of family pic taken at Ate Mai's house just blocks away from our house. Oooooh I haven't told you yet, they relocated and moved here na! So La Res has 3 beauties already, just waiting for the time when the other one will move, let's see...
Mariano again singing the not so merry Merry Christmas song by the Beatles, taken at the Mariano Cabral Reunion Christmas Day
 Mariano fam again for the Zapata reunion this time.
Here's my attempt to be matchy matchy with my little girl! I painstakingly sewn this skirt morning of Dec 31 just for us to be matchy. But she left with her dad to Robinsons for 3 hours waiting for Tatay Fred. There was no time to have a decent pic taken and the little girl's minnie mouse skirt has gotten dirty good thing she has a pair of polka pants. Anyhoo, can you see my little boy's New Year attire?

Signing his last cheque for 2014. My little bossing! Thank you Ninang Nin for leb's polo!
We went out after New Year to Clark Pampanga, after their routinary trip to Ate Thea's most loved playground at Marquee Mall (primarily because airconditioned and it's not crowded) we went to Clark where the little guy enjoyed looking and posing at the planes...

and heyicoptur!
while ate Thea enjoyed climbing here :)

Hope you had a fun fun 2014, we did!

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