Monday, January 12, 2015

Becoming a better you

I'm trying to be organized. Key word there is trying! I mean I really want to but I keep on making excuses like being a mom of 2 toddlers ( feeling toddler) wont make it possible for me to organize. My bag is full of what not, wrappers, robot, crayon, I have super dami pouches and each which supposedly is designated to a particular type would end up having all sorts of kalat.

Anyway i am hoping I will be better at organizing this year. Come join me and motivate ourselves with this Become better you form.

It has 3 goals target date per subject so you wont feel lacking at a certain area. There are a lot of other cool thing you can find in pinterest but this one I find easy. I still need to think of ways on how to clean the closet, organize toys, plan the menu etc etc but let's start with this first huh?

You can download it here projectgirlbette credits to the project girl. Will def go back to her site for tips.

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