Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caleb @ 6 months

Half a year? Agad?

6 months went by fast and everything changed for the better because we had you. Your father, me and Ate Thea are very happy to have you. You add joy to this family, you bring hope and you exudes love.

Did I say 6 months? Oh boy had it been really? Sometimes it feels like yesterday when you were still in my tummy but everytime I hold you it feels like I have always been your captive.

I am still your number one source of food, mama's milk is still the best for you (hehe) but yes you've started solids na even before your 5th month. I am betting you wont be picky, please dont be. Your first tooth erupted last May 6 it was your front lower right tooth that showed first followed by the left the next day! You've been droolling a lot since. Btw, can you stop biting after feeding babe? Masaket kasi eh :p

I love you to bits Leb. You will always be my baby boy. Remember that always.


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