Friday, August 23, 2013

The training - Milo Marathon 2013

(if you want to see the marathon story jump to the next post this is the pre marathon entry and its kinda loong hehe)

When the Marchian friends (hubby, Allan and Butch) decided to join the 42km Milo run, my husband asked me if I wanted to join too. He said there'd be a fun run for 3k and 5k. Allan's wife will be running 10k, I knew I couldn't do 10k yet so I opted to join 5k. Actually was dyahe to join naman 3k because Allan's son who is barely 8yo or is he 7 ran 3k so I forced myself to get out of bed and practice for that fun run while the boys are seriously doing their training for their full mary.

We were registered as early as May I think and there's ample of time to train for my first 5k. I went walking then jogging then running, oh at first I'd finish 1km and I am happy already :) But when I heard my phone, I use it for tracking, started saying "One Mile Completed" it changed the game plan. My goal for every run is to reach that 1 mile then I kept running and walking ... by first week of July I can do 2 miles na! I need more to reach that 5k so I ran longer, my problem was that the sun is already up when I start jogging so afer 20 minutes I get tired na. One fine morning err dawn I woke up early and ran for 40 minutes and reached the 2.80 miles, after that I knew I will finish the 5k challenge.

My husband on the other hand was much serious in his training because 42km is not a joke. He ran his first 21k last April and I told him he could run a full marathon pero next year pa. But his friends whose birthday also fall on March enticed him to run too. All I could think is they might get injured due to lack of training, some marathoners train for a year eh these guys doesnt have a year to train much soo my husband who has only 1 half mary to boast. But I know my man if he wants it he'll train and work hard till he get it, he knows my apprehensions but I also send my trust that he could do it I was just hoping he wont get any injury. June came and he was almost always on the road trying to push his limits. 10km was a breeze his goal is to reached it sub 1, he did. Next is to run another 21k around Brunei, well he's 2 or 3km short because of his sore knee. He rested his knee a bit and run 2 or 5k then early July he ran again his target was 31km, during those time I here in Pinas was just praying he wont have to be carried home. He didnt bring his phone, there's no taxi nor pedicab in Brunei he could hail eh. 3 or 4 hours after I received a call, he's back home O thank GOD!!!  He said he was still 5km (?) short till he reach home that he felt sooo tired and wanted to quit. It was a mental battle he said,  to conquer the last 5k he kept talking to himself that he could do it - over and over and over until he reached home! Mind really is powerful!

Back to me, When I reached that 2.80mi barely 4.5km I knew I could finish 5k so I relaxed and didnt run as much na. Add to that is the scheduled photoshoot of me and the kids a week before the run eh I dont want to get darker my friends had been telling me 'umiitim ka na' waaaah I cant really dark during the shoot no. After the shoot that's barely a week before I made sure I would tick off that 5k on my list which I did 4 days before the run!

Running is something new to me. I am Em the girl who gets pretty tired agad when I walk the aisle of SM Megamall. I dont jog, I dont wake up early because in my mind I'd get tired and wont have energy to do the mommy duties I am more willing to do than jog. But when I started running it was the other way around. I had more energy to play with the kids and do mommy duties. I was more happy and it lessens stress. I thought it was just a challenge my husband want me to take but this is more of a lifestlye change. I need to keep fit for my children, for my husband and for my self. I am sure my husband is grinning while reading this post but yeah you got me hooked, so keep the challenge coming.

It is also a good motivator when clothes doesnt fit anymore! They are bigger now :) And I am 5lbs lighter. Ohhhh I almost forgot, before I started running I told my hubs I wont run without a nice outfit and good shoes - aka shopping!!! He said yes and I ran to Nike store and bought a kikay Nike free pink running shoes, a pink drifit shirt and 2 jogging pants. When i was signing the tab it reached 5 digits and I didnt care hahaha in my mind I was telling my husband you think you tricked me? Now, after the run I still jog, I even signed up for the communities 3k run, I read runner's magazine and get tips, i drink Fish Oil supplement for my joints well I guess all I am saying is I am pretty much hooked too. The question now is : Who tricked who???

More Milo Marathon kwento and pictures next.

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