Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Run- Milo Marathon

Like his half marathon he didn't sleep well, for the full mary he thought he could plan his sleep but run jitters kick in. His wife knowing he needs full rest gave him massage but still sleep was waaay elusive. He slept maybe 3 or 4 hours only but his energy shoot up due to excitement for his first marathon .

We were at the venue an hour and a half ahead of time.  Alvins plan was to take a nap but when he heard the drums, saw the crowd,  met his friends there was no way he could takesome zzzzzs.Donning the green singlet, he ate his pre-race meal - gardenia bread lang hehe, he tied his shoelace, stretched,  run a lil to warm up and he's all ready. of course the cheerleader he brought is also his photographer, here are some of his pre race 

3am gun time the Marchian friends (birthdays fall on March) run together with 2 thousandso running enthusiasts,  some qualifiers and vying for the chance to represent Milo on that prestigious Paris Marathon next year. While the husband ran, the wife sleeps until 4:30 gun time for the 5k.

Actually I was up at 4 ate some, drink some, went to the loo, bought water and ran na to the 5k line. Should have known there were waves during races - meaning batches- I should have lined up earlier. I was on the 3rd wave that was 10 minutes after. No pics for me I tthought there'd be photogs hahaha eh sa 42k pala yun. Some are doing selfie but Id rather finish with a good time record than a good photograph.Twas only then did I realize that the feeling was really different when you ran with super dami crowd wearing the same singlet aiming the same goal. I saw LJ Reyes, the starstruck avenger, hheard Karylle was there and so are Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero but I didnt see them na. Was busy running hehe feeling marathoner din.I finished after 46minutes not bad for a first. My next goal however is 10k and I want to have a good record there. Why 10k? Well 5k was sisiw ahahah ang yabang noh?! after  my kwento about how I prepared? Pero really I think I could do 10k next time, more challenging yes but one factor also is there was no photographer on 5k. I font have a single photo running ano beh.

After my run I immediately change outfit because I get sick easily. I didn't change to a new shirt and short but a dress primarily because that was easier to wear and well because I am my husband's cheerer that day what apt to wear than a tiny green dress! Off to the finish lune I went 4hours after the start of their run. Some are crosing the finish line and I had to check if he's there na rin - feelingera din eh no? Turns out the runners who pass the finish line sub 4 qualifies for the finals in December. Hubs is not on that level yet hehehe. More minutes past I was anxious,  excited na nervous,  where he's at hoping no injuries for him and his friends, I prepped my cheer hehe,  took the towel out and the water bottle for my marathoner. Camera ready I waited and waited and waited. Been looking if he's near na but couldn't see him until Jen said 'Si Alvin" and there he was past me, no cheer, no towel, no water, no picture either. So I ran past the men waiting and went past the finish line so I could greet him there. Apparently he was looking for me too  but some crowd went to the track to greet eh I wasn't there he thought I was sleeping in the car. Duh I went there primarily to cheer for him second lang ang 5k.

So there he is all smile and giddy and most especially no injury! My marathoner husband whom I am very proud of.

**posting  from phone ang hirap ilagay sa tama.position ang pics. will edit next time sa.laptop. meantime enjoy the kwento.

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