Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fifth Year Anniversary

Yes I know it was 2 months ago and I have sooo many backlogs already but how can I not share the day when my husband and I turned 5?  I asked hubby to take me to a place we have never been and he did, here's the story:

It was a lovely Saturday of May, I was asked to prepare early because it will be a loong drive - something both of us love doing. I was prepared with jokes! Good thing I was able to screenshot the jokes submitted by FB friends for someone else. It was a habit before kasi that we will search for jokes and tell it to each other during looong drive, aka Seria to Bandar, but my dear husband hasnt prepared any because he was busy preparing our date to a place we have never been :)

When we were at NLEX I had a feeling I've searched for the place that we are heading but I didnt ask. Well not until we reached San Fernando hehe! Actually he asked if I already knew where we're going and I said "Abe's?" and he confirmed with his colon D smile, my heart leaped! He knows na how to do surprises!!! I am a blessed girl.

Abe's farm is in Magalang Pampanga, It opens 10am to 8pm. There are several rooms but the unique rooms are the Ifugao huts and that's where we stayed. The room was air conditioned by the way so it was perfect hahaha. Bahay kubo na aircon san ka pa!!!

The food was superb :) I love the sisig, plapla and the dessert is awesome awesome I could go back for the dessert alone - Suman sa lihiya!!! Husband had Ube something, twas great too but I super love the suman that I had to ask for another one hehe.
After lunch we walked to look at the place and there it was the tallest/longest swing I've ever saw. Scary for the kids but we werent kids and we werent scared so we tried and it was looove. Just dont let go and hold on tight. 

And because we knew we wouldnt be able to go back any time soon we tried the pool too. Wapakels to
the rest of the guest who can see us from the restaurant who think we were crazy swimming at 12pm hahaha.

Abe's Farm is a must see. It is serene, cozy, simple. It's a place you will fall in love with. Oh it is relaxing too what with the 30 minute Spa we availed before we went home! Awesome eh?

We allowed ourselves to have a day date only because of the kids but it was well worth it. A day with my favorite guy is something I have always treasured. When I think of a happy place and a happy time, I always think of the places and times I have with you. 

Happy 5th dear! Cheers to forever. Love you.

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