Friday, December 09, 2011

Travelling To HongKong

I wanted to name this post Travelling to Hongkong Alone to Meet the Handsome Husband but its waaaay too long so I cut it short to 3 words.

I have never been scared to travel alone, it was something I never was afraid to do. I was alone when I first went to an international airport! Yep I did felt a lil nervous especially at the immigration but going through all of those alone was an experience I proudly took. I did my research ofcourse, I am a planner remember?

So two weeks ago I was bound to HK via PAL. There was a loooong line at the check in counter, what's new? Finished checking in 30 min before boarding and I was starting to feel hungry. No decent meal at Terminal 2 just sandwich and coffee, that would make do should there be no line at the counter, haaaay.

I boarded the plane and it was a relief that I was at the big plane with this touchscreen tv for every seat - I played chess while I was waiting for the meal. I was that hungry that I had to take Advil for headache. When the stewardess served the food, it was gone in seconds! MAGIC!!!

I arrived in HK with printed maps and my "to do list" care of hubby
1. after immig, go to currency exchange for hkd and buy airport express ticket to hongkong station. round-trip

2. it costs around 180hkd

3. go to airport express terminal. its just inside the airport, no need to go out. may hagdan na aakyatan. wait for the train going to hongkong station

4. inside the train, there is luggage area where you can put your bag before going to your seat. no seat number assigned - travel time is 25minutes

5. at hongkong station, a handsome guy is waiting for you. around 5,7", dark hair, singkit eyes, smiling at you

HK immig was a blur, he didnt asked me any question other than my name. I dont have itinerary nor do I have a hotel booking with me. Maybe curling my hair helps and dressing up too!
At the airport, I found this sign. Since almost all arrows says forward I followed the arrow and stopped when I saw the Trains to the City sign!

Hopped inside the train that says -> HongKong. Once inside the train, look at the line chart - the red arrow will tell you the destination of the train. The blue line indicates where you are. Airport express experience - Pretty Smooth and there were plenty of seats.

Upon arrival I head to the apple store where I'll meet the gwapong singkit guy!
Peso Power:8k plus 1600 airport tax
Airport Express: Hk$180

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