Friday, December 09, 2011


Good thing I had my printed map on me, it says if you want to go to Ocean Park go to Admiralty MTR Station.Exit signs abound at the MTR and they are very tourist friendly. There's this exit going to Ocean Park buses all we had to do was follow the sign!

I got loads of jump pics but nothing is bloggable enough! ;p So if jumping shots fail I do plan B pose - let's call it The X pose haha.
Lined up for like 30 or 45 minutes at the oceanarium, i think Manila is better! Next stop the Pandas. No looong line - Yahoo.
Panda was sleeping, kaya pala walang pila nyaha! After that we pledged not to do the kiddie stuff but try the scary rides instead.
We tried
Ocean Tower - super fail haba pa pila,
Turbo Drop - the best ride for adults not suitable for very young audience :D A+++
dont ride if you have heart disease or hypertension super yes for those who want to terrify oneself!
The Eagle - so so but I still shout sooo loud the earth shook :) have you noticed how silent hongkies - they dont scream at these craaazy rides
The Dragon - their rollercoaster, it got 4 or 5 loops, I enjoyed this ride but only second to Turbo Drop in terms of level of thrill.
After the self imposed torture I declare that it was time to rest. My feet are swollen from all the walking. We werent able to take the cable car we took the ocean express to and from the rides, the line was extremely long at the cable car.

Glad to have a few decent shots together :)

We took the same bus route to the MTR station a two decked bus :) Got to take a pic wala nyan sa Pinas.

This lil girl made me miss mine. Isnt she cute?

Ticket H$280 each
Bus HK$21 roundtrip

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