Friday, December 02, 2011

2011 Travel presents HongKong ;)

I am born during Jackie Chan's era so when I saw the wax figure doing kungfu I said uuuy si "Jackie Chan" with that my husband said in a lower voice "Si Bruce Lee yan" hahaha eh malay ko di ko nga kilala si Bruce Lee Jet Li pwede pa ;p

Just one of the things I enjoyed during my 4 days 3 nights stay in Hongkong.

Jackie Chan este Bruce Lee's figure is located at "the entrance" of Madame Tussauds wax Museum at The Peak Tower. I said the entrance because we didnt go in (yep we just took pictures hehe), instead we went to Sky Terrace 428 it offers the highest 360degrees viewing terrace in HK!

It was 20 degrees (how do u put the degree symbol?)cold and it was freaking windy, makes it really hard to take a decent picture with my long (should have been wavy because I curled it) hair.

Clockwise: The view from sky Terrace, Me and alvin pose at I dont know how you call it hehe, few decent solo pics the wind was crazey, my silhouette, alvin with the sky terrace background, us papicture sa kapwa pinoy!

I grade this tourist spot a A-, it has - because there's nothing else to do than to take pictures and grasp at how great they made Hongkong as it is right now. It is still and very much an A because I really wanted to get out of the Philippine heat and go somewhere cold, SkyTerrace is perfect not freezing cold but definitely not hot :p

first night:
Destination - Peak Tram
Money Power - HK$65 each

Oooh but I have to tell you my travel details because I went there alone to meet the handsome guy with chinky eyes :) Will write at my next entry.

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