Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Em Drive

With Em I mean Me!

This year my driving got a huge leap. I did get my license in 2010 and I did drive at Seria and KB ( oh man I miss those places) but only in 2011 was I able to drive in the streets of Calumpit and other nearby towns even city :D

The adventure started last August 31 2011. Weeks after I received Alta (yes she has a name too, the one we had in Brunei was named Britney), I was able to drive Thea to school, then I tried going further to Malolos, Tabang came next.

Last December 6 we were running late, hubby's got a flight 7am and we woke up 4:30. The best choice we have is to drive till Manila and I would tag along to bring back the car. Going to Manila all I did was pray whenever me and hubby pause in our conversation. Yep i was nervous, scared even but excited too. I knew I couldnt blow this opportunity because I might restrain myself from going to Manila if ever something went wrong ( i am more scared of myself - if i busted my courage to drive no amount of encouragement can make me go to Manila again), so pray I did until he hailed a taxi once we reached SM west. I then took the wheel and drive back to Calumpit.

I thought I would be nervous but all throughout the ride back home my smile was so big my cheeks hurt ;p Trying out something new has never fail to make me happy.

I am a SAHM and this is my call. Let Em Drive. With Em I mean Me!

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