Friday, July 01, 2011

Half Year 2011

Today is July 1, 2011 the beginning of the year's second half. How did your first half went? Was it fun? Was it productive? have you done anything to inspire someone or even make them smile?

My six months were busy months. My starbucks planner (yep the one that made me coffee addict last december) is full of activities. January - March was drawing months, I mean for the house. That wasnt easy, i tell you it aint. April was the start of construction and the house today is still a work in progress. I wont post pictures yet but let me tell you the plastering for the first floor is done, trusses almost and the roof will be installed next week. It certainly looks like a house na and we are excited.

As for the little girl, her sched is full packed too. I enrolled her to SP (that's for speech) last april. Recently she has been going to school from tuesday to friday. She had a hard time during the transition when went to Brunei for a 2-week vacay but she is catching up pretty well. Her teachers had noted many improvements lately.

Have I blogged about how she count?
"Wiyo one two twi foy fay sik memen ayt nine ten wiyo one..." Yep, after ten she goes back to wiyo - that's zero!

She can say the alphabet too. Sings the pirate song, "excise" - exercise with daddy, and a lot of other things. I cannot put into words the joy that we feel everytime she says something new.

She soooo love her dad (vice versa naman). That's L O V E for me. Here she is after playing rockstar with Vhin, Thea holding the mic and daddy the guitar (not shown), they are singing I wanna be a rockstar by BJ from Barney.

There are other things that transpired, like the new business that me and ate lalah has started and another solo business that I am excited to do (not baking muna since I still dont have an oven - nasunog kasi). There are new friends I've met and their roles in our life will always be special.

The second half of the year wont be different, it will still be full of activities as we start to finish the house (ehh start to finish???), I mean we'll start looking for tiles, paints, designs, furniture etc etc.

Hoping for a productive 2nd half for you and me. Happy July everyone.

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