Monday, July 11, 2011

A Girl worth Fighting For

I heard this line er song from Mulan and I wonder when will someone tell that for me. You know, young girls dream to be fought for hehe.

But this post is not about me but the little girl who for me is worth fighting for. They say this and that about her, the doctor says it will take a while for her to be able to communicate verbally, internet says tough things that we need to go through, some inconsiderate bitches compare my little girl with their little ones and belittle mine because hers can do "mano and other petty things" , one said she is a bad girl when she refused to be carried. It might be disheartening to hear such words but God had given me strength to just hear them out but not linger.

Next month we'll visit the doctor again, there she'll see that Thea can now say lots of things and I'll proudly tell her that Thea's therapists had noted a lot of improvements.

One mother told me she'd rather put her money on therapies rather than bring her son back to the doctor because (she thinks) she knows already what she'll say - err continue therapy. I didnt argue, because probably it's due to financial difficulties, since 1 visit to the doctor is equal to 8 therapies. Plus she knows what's best for her son. The special momma had been through difficult times and scrutiny of many, I dont want to add burden by saying that I dont totally agree with her hyphotesis. It might work for her but I dont think it would for me and my princess.

I view doctors as authority, not sovereign as I still dare to doubt their findings sometimes. Yet ultimately doctors scare me. When they tell me to drink this for a certain number of days I oblige myself to follow, scared that I might put myself in danger if I dont (esp when the they prescribe antibiotic duh).

I got great respect for our developmental pedia. The Philippines has but a few of them and we were able to get a sched without having to wait for long. I believe she was God sent and her secretary an angel for hearing me out when I first called the clinic. The secretary told me the sched is full but one cancelled appointment, lo and behold that was the time we are going back to Pinas for a visit! I took the slot, fast forward we are now set for our third meeting with our doctor.

Contrary to the other mommy's theory, a regular visit to the doctor is a good thing for me. I anticipate the time and reviews her recommendations. I make sure that I do my best to follow the things she'd written. I make notes on what to ask. In short our visit makes me focus on my goal, I liken her to a supervisor who will check on me and give me a good grade if I prove to be working hard.

I already made my mommy assessment - she didnt ask for one but I did anyway. I think it will help her understand my kid better. I couldnt possibly rely to her assessment if she'd only see my daughter for an hour and there is no other basis, well ofcourse she'll ask me how she'd been but a detailed evaluation will be of much help. Yes, I will still have to ask Teacher for her report. I didnt ask her agad since I am still hoping Thea will make more improvement this coming week. If I ask her to make one now, she might not be able to put into it the recent accomplishments.

So there, my view of life and children has changed since we first went to the doctor. We are about to see her again on August, please pray that everything will go well and that we will receive good news!

What is it that is worth fighting for? And what makes you fight for it? The answer to both question is LOVE.

We all have battles to fight. May we learn to see that our God is greater than all of these battles. Never, never lose hope.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

I just read your blog. Dont worry what the others are saying.

With God's grace & compassionate love everything will be ok..

God Bless to you & to your family.

Edward :)

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