Sunday, June 12, 2011

letter to Brunei

Dear Brunei,

Hi! It's been 13 days since we last saw you and we've been missing you already. I hope everything is good and I also hope that you miss us too :)

I will miss the double rainbows.
And the beach too.
I will miss your culture.
I'll miss The Mall and Yayasan, though I must admit I'd miss The Mall more (the shopaholic in me confess haha). And of course Empire.
Oh darling Empire, I love you. I promise to see you again.

Having met you is one of our life's major breakthroughs. We learned a lot from you. You have a different culture, religion, language even government but you welcomed us with open arms. You let us into your territory and shared your abundance with us.

Your surname Darusallam means Abode of Peace in Arabic, and true to your name you have been peaceful and calm through the years. I deeply admire you for that. May you always remain blessed.

You've made a permanent mark etched in our hearts, an awesome mark.

"Au Revoir" - "Till we meet again"

Em, Alvin and Thea

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