Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A nice Laugh

It was a surprise visit to Leah's house este mansion! Their 3 bedroom two-storey house is fabulous. Her kitchen cabinets are nice too, the same with what I want... pull out trays and white paint! So happy they live there! Their home is like 2 blocks away lang from our home-in-progress!

Yep the construction is ongoing that's why I am super busy. I will post the preliminaries next time just so you can prepare for them once it is your turn. And also so that you can avoid the wrong people. Off topic na haha.

Here's one of our pics with our kids. She is 3 months preggo medyo envious me. But we'll have a right time for that.

Here's us enjoying a fun time, we're laughing yata because I am wearing Alvin's shorts, mine got wet at Paradise resort when I already took a bath and I dont have extra.

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