Monday, April 04, 2011

Falcon Crest

BUSY BUSY BUSY but I had time to edit pics to share with you guys. The only reason I can see is because I've enjoyed myself with my date at this adventure trip we had last March 26. Awesome time at falcon crest, had it not been for the heavy traffic at bocaue exit it would have been superb experience.
"With an area of 9.5 hectares, the place has amenities such as, swimming pool, retreat house with 16 rooms good for 104 persons, a pavilion for special occasions, and team building facilities such as rappeling, zipline (slide for life), rope courses (rope traverse, multivine, rope labyrinth), and cargo net, to name a few."

There was a group of teens from a church in Q.C. when we arrived. Falcon arranged several team games for them like spider web walk, the guy said then can also arrange a mini Amazing Race for retreats given they tell them in advance the age group of the participants. Book first before you go there, we were just lucky that they can accomodate us even though there's a retreat going on.

Overall the trip was great, me and hubby had a fun time talking during the long drive that we uber miss. The activities were challenging and we were happy that we did them together.

Here are the pics, starting from the search of the best halo halo hehe fail si Razon's kay hubby - wlang kulay, walang beans, walang ube, walang ice cream. Sa kin ok naman masarap sya in fairness kahit kaunti lang ang sahog.

1st activity Wall Climbing. Hubby was able to ring the bell twice. We were given 2 tries. I was able to get to 2nd floor high after that I couldnt grasp na rock na so I called the belayer and said I wanna go down na. Pero picture muna!!!

Next is rapelling. Alvin had to try it first, he did great! The height scared me thus high decibel scream followed when it was my turn. Next try we did it together and I was more at ease to rapel beside my gwapo date!

Last is zipline!

And a photo op!

Going to the movies might be nice but add a little adventure and try this one sometime. You wont regret it.

Relax, Breathe, Have Fun!!!

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