Sunday, March 13, 2011

march 12

1. She started the day with TAHOOOO!, one of the few things she likes to eat.
2. Bath time at her pool. Since our Tagaytay spree Thea has been refusing to take a bath at the bathroom. Might have been the shower, we tried using it no bath tub at Lake Hotel eh. Mrs.Maparaan, aka ME, made her take a bath at her pool :)
3. Activity and bath in one, when you see an opportunity - she's happy and you know it - make her do a simple activity. Hers is shooting balls in the ring while she plays in the pool!
4. This is not an activity, its just Thea concentrating to poop. She does that or goes to a corner and make that funny poop sound.
5. That's my To DO and Activity list. Coin bank and letter A was not done because she slept early 6:30 I thought we could still do it but nah she's tired na.

My TO DO list includes sorting out pictures for printing. Haaaay, as you can see there's no check mark. Dont we all need to hire an expert to sort our tons and tons of pics and have them printed or make a book? Photos are accumulating at my D drive and I want them printed. No not everything because printing the entire picture folder requires 1,000,000 pesoses exag yes I know :P but you get the picture. Oh please help me :D

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