Friday, March 11, 2011

And the real Challenge Began

I've been scanning OT notes and my notes re Thea's response to our sessions. I felt the need to be more organized and have a backup in case my notebook got lost. So there scanning done last night and I wrote this

The first thing we did is punching hole on the aluminum foil. Super easy naman she didn't complain one bit. (Butas na yan di lang halata plus gusto nya nakalubog ang toothpick)

An hour later we are ready for our next activity. (We dont do all the activities it on one straight session, 10 minutes at a time is enough) Transferring water using her toy pitcher or glass to the container. Twas messy wala kaming apron and if we do she wont use it so messy kung messy nagenjoy naman sya eh :D

Swing and Slide - Check
Wheelbarrow - I was only able to lift her feet and she used her elbow/arms to keep balance, she didnt walk, but its okay.

This last picture is free play. I just added the pic here just because I find it cute. She was playing with jollibee, tigger the drummer and her other toys. She was talking to the toys with words I couldnt yet undertand :D

She has been showing a lot of improvement lately. For the first time, yesterday she was left alone in the room with Teacher Camille her OT here in Bulacan! Her teacher said she was very compliant and I didnt hear any whining or crying. Proud momma moment!

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