Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5 things i heart about DIVI!!!

The first time I stepped foot at Divi, i am so scared. A probinsyana girl, getting out of a Baliaug bus has heard so many holdaper and snatcher stories from her sisters and parents. But as I get used to my Bulacan to Divi rides, I began to love the place and the fab things in it.

When nyemnyem got preggo, hubby has never permit her to go to Divi until last Saturday! His parents fetched me from my boarding house to take me home but I asked them if we could meet my sissies shopping at Divi before going home here in Calumpit.

So there I was in one of my favorite shopping places, syempre hindi ba ko magshoshop? I was able to grab a few toys for inaanaks and some trinkets for friends. Ang saya saya! Bongang bonga talaga ang divi lalo na pag malapit na pasko! I was really hoping to finish shopping before althea comes coz i'll be busy taking care of her pag andito na sya. Nway di ko man napamili lahat Saturday turned out to be super fun.

Here are 5 things i heart about Divi:

1) great finds! supah dami dito from trinkets to big stuff di mawawalan sa divi!
2) bargains! its fun to haggle with tinderas especially when u know how much you ought to get those fab finds.
3) the maze! from tutuban to divi mall, recto to ylaya, a non-pro would get lost if unaccompanied by a professional divi person.
4) people! you'll meet variety of people here. too many characters and culture to handle. you never know who you are talking to or what they do believe in so you better be cautious everytime.
5) food! daming sarap and murang food dito. seasonal fruits are the best, mangga in march are supah cheap sarap pa! ngayon apples abound Divi.

Tara shopping na! hehe, para namang papayagan ako no! (pwede pabili na lang ng bumblebee sa divi mall) =D

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