Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hala Sige Lakad!

Im due 22nd of the month. On my 37 1/2 weeks Doc. Carol, my O.B., advised me not to travel far as I may give birth anytime. So i have been on leave since October 6 coz it wouldnt be good if I work at Fort Boni and would have to travel north to give birth at Malolos. So bum I was since last week, not really hehe, I was busy preparing Althea's little things and boy was it a chore.
Baby's hospital bag - check
Mommy's hospital bag - check
Thea's cabinet - check
Baby bottle - sterilized, check
Mommy birthing ready - not sure =P

Monday, my 39th week visit to clinic, O.B. told me she'll be out of town on Sunday, 19th, and on the last week of October. Huwaaat, additional pressure to give birth agad. So come tuesday, I was up at 5:30 walking from San Marcos to La Residencia then back to San Marcos. I was accompanied by my hyper mother in law, who btw is a jogger. Imagine her pace then compare to mine, I didnt try to keep up her pace baka manganak ako sa daan hehehe. We walked and walked until around 7am. When we arrived back to San Marcos, Tatay Fred said - "Ang bilis nyo naman?". Huwaaat??!??

This morning, (I am back here in Calumpit) I woke up at 5:30am. I walked again but not as far as yesterday. Me and Nanay walked to buy pandesal, made a round to one block then off home we go. Naguilty naman ako dahil 10 min lang un, so after eating pandesal, I walked again to buy newspaper and took the long way coming back to our house.

Its all up to Althea. Maybe she still enjoys swimming in there. Until she comes my status will be "Hala Sige Lakad' mode.

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