Thursday, September 25, 2008

good morning! office na po!

Every single office day, I will open my mail and find a cute letter from my husband to tell me he is in the office already. And everyday the routine was like that, I will open his mail before anyone elses mail. I will then send a reply and tell him I have already eaten my breakfast.

But sometimes, the subject line would be different and I just couldnt help but smile or even laugh and just thank God for a wonderful husband I have in him. Here's some of the subject lines I am referring:
To my gorgeous wife (hahaha, who wouldnt smile huh?)
Super lapit na (he'll be coming home a day after)
Pwede pa habol sa next baby (eto natawa talaga ko, di pa naman ako nanganganak next baby na agad?)
And there's this no subject line mail, to see hundreds of i love u in it =)

good morning! office na po!

Those were the lines I suppose I will get until me and alvin move together to a home of our own. When is that, is still something cooking. Hopefully next year.

Love you Vhin <3

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