Monday, October 20, 2008

sick mommy :'(

Un nga. I am sick since friday, huhuhu. I have this bad cold. Hopefully baby is ok kahit i sneezed often. Buti, this morning I have been feeling better. No more teary eyes and running nose. Thanks for Nanay E and Nanay A's caring hands =) mwaah mwaaah. U should have seen my room last night, parang fruit stand ung table.


October 16, 2008
Twas little "pogi" Kiel's bday! Happy birthday Kielzee! Tita NyemNyem loves you.
Nanay A and Nanay E
We went to SM Pampanga on Kiel's birthday. I was looking for a tray which Nanay asked me to buy for baby Althea, Gail asked me who's Nanay I was referring. So I told her i was referring to Nanay Dolores. Then she said, in a matter of fact tone, I should always distinguish which Nanay. Then she said, dapat Nanay A kasi Alvin tapos Nanay E kasi Emma. Oo nga naman!!!
First Ultrasound Due Date prevails
The first trimester's ultrasound Due Date has much more bearing than the subsequent ultrasound expected delivery date. Which in my case is last week of October. that's Oct 28 to Nov 1. Huwaaat???
False Alarm a Many
Sobrang daming false alarm moments. For now we all just have to wait for her grand show. hehe.

Un na muna, antok na ko. Besides they might see me and scold me for logging in the internet at late night. Sick mommy pa naman ang drama ng lola mo hehehe. baka di na ibili ng fruits si bunso. =P

Nyt nyt everyone.

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