Thursday, September 18, 2008


September 18, 2008

I.Christmas is my favorite holiday! Not only because of the festive mood during this season but most especially because Christ was born on that day hundred of years ago to save us.
Last night, I watched 24 Oras and guess what? Mel said its 99 days before Christmas! Yey Yey! Christmas 08 would mean lots of 1st for me! My first Christmas as Vhin's wife, First year since he proposed to me on the eve of Christmas and we will be celebrating the HOLYday with our little girl for the first time. Yipee.

So cheers to all of us its 98 days before Christmas day! Cant wait.

II. If the ultrasound EDD is correct, Althea will finally see the world (or should I say the world would finally see her) 36 days from now. Well, it also means that I will be in the delivery room pushing (hehe) but I dont mind. Ask me again next month.

III. Nyemnyem will only be reporting to office for 10 days. After that she'll be busy preparing for birthing and nesting for her baby =D She'd probably rest lang and enjoy the remaining days of preggyhood!

IV. Now if you add 98 and 36 then subtract 10 you'll get 124. Do you know what that means? (Bible said count the days so "count I did".) 124 is a significant number for me and vhin because it is the number of days since we got married =) It's been 4 months and boy was it a bliss. Extra extra happy si nyemnyem =D

Happy monthsary Vhin! Iloveyou <3

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