Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Colon D"


Let me share with you my colon D experiences this past week. (this is a long entry)

What a birthday week!!! I had a grand time celebrating my birthday with my family, friends and most especially my husband! Woohoo!

Let the kwento begin:

Thursday night, me with nanay dolores, tatay fred, kuya lito went to NAIA. Pushing a cart full of "apollos" (hehe) and clad in blue is my husband in his usual colon D smile! Twas past 10 already and we are all tired na from a days work that we headed home agad. Wla ng kain kain, hehe. Btw, glad we have a car na, we dont have to rent for a ride again nor do we have to check in a hotel. San Marcos we were around 11:30. They drunk a little coffee (I am restricted), then headed to our separate rooms. Super happy to share the room again with him, it has been a month and a half.

Next day was a friday night out with his Brunei buddies and their wifies. T'is to celebrate Carl's bday which will be on the 5th of Sept. We sort of celebrate mine too coz my birthday falls shorter than his. Nway, there's this mouth watering mango bravo from contis. Nyem ate most of the mango, them the rest of the cake. We had super fun singing at Music 21. A nice place to enjoy with friends, they have super cool selection - artist list and title list, they even have most requested and most recent songs. We were having so much fun until buntis felt sleepy na past 11pm. Buti na lang nakacheck in kami sa City Garden, di namin dala ung car kasi coding tapos we have appointment pa next day 8am sa clinic. Nway that's the next topic.

Saturday, is 3D-4D ultrasound day at Fort Med Makati. Me and hubby were super excited to see althea for the first time. While on the waiting area, nyemnyem was praying that Althea is ok. When the nurse called "Emma Regalado", Vhin's face beamed! He usually does everytime he hears that, hehe! (Love u daddy =*)

So there we were at the radiology section to meet our little girl. We are happy to tell you that our baby is ok. And I couldnt miss telling that her mommy's genes were prominent in her big cheeks, lips, chin and nose. A colon D experience to the max. You should have seen her daddy's face while he was watching Althea on the monitor (real time). I told the nurse we better capture his face too. Sobrang kodak moment talaga un. Di mo na makikita ung mata nya kasi ngiting ngiti ang asawa ko!!! Hahaha.

Afternoon was shopping spree. We have to buy those things me and ate lala failed to buy coz they were too bulky to carry. On our list were: sterilizer, baby bag, bath tub, nappies, little bed and drawer. We were able to buy all of them except for the drawer. We were both donning colon Ds on our faces until nyemnyem felt tired na and hungry =P Our sundo arrived at 5pm and we were San Marcos bound again around 6:30pm.

Sunday is my day! Woke up early to attend church, then proceed to a bounty lunch at calumpit, a site visit to La Residencia and Metropolis, a fond chika time with sissies and cousins, a yummy merienda at calumpit, a needed siesta at san marcos. After dinner we went to SM Pampanga for our date. This is my first bday as Mrs.Regalado and I was with him all day, all night! Greatest gift ever, precious time and lots of love.

Here's my 2008 bday texter: Evelyn, Inets, Noyeen, nanay, globe (hehe), victor joel, tita myr, ate mai, ruby, roseline, vi, ate leng, 09178634245, Chie, Mon, jan tiu,, jecai and joy. Thanks thanks! mwaaaah mwaaaah.

Monday is snooze day! hahaha. Super inet sa labas so I was literally locked inside our room at 18 degrees room temperature. Then it rained in the afternoon - kaya pala ganung kainit!

Btw, my body is unusually vulnerable when Vhin is around, peace daddy! I dont know if its just me or my system knows na he's here kaya nag-iinarte. Monday i felt pain in my upper abdomen, i have been feeling this for quite some time but only occasionally but that monday was different. The pain was continuous and a little stronger than usual.

That night i told hubby about it, next day we were in the clinic already. Doctor said baby is ok and she's big at 33 weeks (what can u expect that's 26 lbs gained in there sweetheart!). What I was experiencing daw was baby pushing my internal organs and since she's big the pressure is much stronger. She told me "hinay hinay na sa pagpapalaki ha". Awwwww, my half rice will be cut again in half making it quarters eeeek. I will shift to a new vitamin too.

Hubby should have left Monday night but opted to stay a bit and chance the RBA flight last Tuesday. Buti na lang, the plane was big enough to carry all of them. We're now back to texting, mailing and calling overseas but its fine. Having to be with him for 5 days is a great gift already.

What a week. Nyem wouldnt trade these colon D experiences!

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