Thursday, August 28, 2008

figure it out

I have been busy figuring out our company's revised financial model which we are preparing for a certain cannot-yet-be-divulged purpose. It has been taking all my time and cant even open my computer when i arrive home as I am super tired na.

Had been shopping for baby's things. I knew right away that I wont be able to figure out what's best for my baby so I took Ate La along. Alas, she knew everything that I have to gather as if she memorized it from the heart. Well, after raising 3 kulet kiddos she better be =P

Since, as Ive said, Ive been busy with work lately I failed to figure out baby's nursery. For the longest time I have been fixing my mind that we will move to La Residencia on October just in time for baby popping out. Then what ifs came... what if Althea comes out before we move, what if we Alvin hasnt been able to get his leave from office, what if the house is not ready by October? Nyay, I havent figured that out yet. All the while, I felt that nesting would be pretty smooth. HELP.

Last, i will be busy tom till monday! yey yey! Figure out why...

I will celebrate my birthday with Vhin, Ayiy! How sweet huh? We'll fetch him at the airport tonight. Case you need to know, I will turn my cellphone off till Sunday (so you could greet me on my day), no work allowed till monday night. Btw, there'd be no chocolate for pasalubong so please dont ask for one. Hahaha. Saka na after 10 weeks.

I saw a rainbow again this morning. Twas an early birthday greeting from above. God has been giving me this wonderful sight before, during or after my birthday since 2006 (see previous blogs)! Rainbows have always been a reminder of His love and faithfulness to me and my whole family. Seeing one during my birthday week has never failed to make me happy! Such love, such joy, such peace that only He could bring.

I figure out just now that i just have to rely on Him in everything.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Amen!

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