Tuesday, July 08, 2008

random pre and post wedding pictures

May 16, 2008 8pm @Las Ninas del Carmen Tree House my super girl friends gave me a shower party. Though twas raining a bit,Bagyong Cosme on its way, me and my gorgeous friends shared wonderful time.<
clockwise: neng, udette,ellen, nin, me, aunee, inets
we had a great time playing games, reading ate lala's hilarious yet touching open letter and nyemnyem received gifts and pieces of advice from everyone.twas a blast! thank u thank u!

night before the wedding my pretty sister and her kids prepared the giveaways. extra thanks to udette and her boyfriend aran for picking the cupcakes at SM Pampanga =)

May 18 around 2pm lawrence palma made up my sistah, cousin and udette and syemps pwede bang hindi pagandahin si mother dear?<

kulet magpopose!

May 24, Mariano family with the new kid on the block went to ninewaves to have a dip in the pool courtesy of ate Mai!<
sarap ba magswim?tatay and nanay
me and the new member of the mariano clan

June 27, 2008 me and my baby had a fun time watching Gary V. live at glorietta. We danced, sang and shout! hahaha, Mommy had fun! supah fun!<
me and my kuya. do we look alike? Gary was super pleasant not only because he is promoting his album but because he is genuinely cool. You'd feel naman if the person u are talking to is plastic, but with him you'd see the sparkle in his eyes annd find sincerity. When i told him i like "Better than I" song, he looked into my eye (yeah he did) and smiled, a huge smile that is. He said he finds it very common when people admire his "Only Hope" rendition or other popular songs but find it rare for people to appreciate "Better than I". I said I've watched Joseph the dreamer and that there is something about the... "message" we said in unison.

July 4, 2008, Tagaytay CIty with officemates for our Planning session cum videokehan cum pasyal
beautiful flowers in tagaytay

beautiful ladies in Tagaytay


vhin said...

magkahawig kayo ni gary v! hehehe

em said...

hi dad! talaga? iniba ko na nga caption eh. =)

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