Tuesday, July 29, 2008

baby baby baby

My baby girl, yes my baby is a girl, rocks my world now. Her silly moves inside my tummy make my day whole. If for some reason she misses kicking and moving as expected, nyem nyem worries and wonders if baby is still ok.

Just this morning I had this little pain in my left tummy. Blame it on the bed which lacks full support to my burgeoning body. My pillows are my comfort but getting out of bed is a little bit harder now. Around 9am i saw brown spots in my undies. That's the reason why nyem was alarmed kanina and was asking baby to move for mommy. I need to know if she's alright in there. She didnt move as much so mommy began to worry. I went to the clinic but there's no one who knew how to operate the gadgets since the sonologist only comes every wednesday.

So I went up to my cubicle, calmed myself, prayed to God for baby's safety and asked baby to move. To my relief, baby started moving as I read her father's text message.

Baby misses Daddy. Mommy misses her dad too. We will still have to check baby's condition tomorrow (wednesday). I will also have to take the glucose challenge test tom too, to check if I have gestational diabetes. Please pray that the result will be negative.

BTW, big thanks to our baby's first dress given by my boss ruby. Her niece wasnt able to use it since she was an A++ baby. Rianna is too big to fit in that dress, meant for Nyem's baby daw talaga un. Surely, baby will be very pretty once she wears that na, around March pa siguro. Dressing up our little princess is really something to look forward! =D

Baby has her first diaper too care of "Havin a Baby". I bought a blouse on sale recently, to my surprise they are giving away diapers. Yey! Nyem is always super happy everytime she receives something for baby. Makes me more excited! =)

Baby baby baby! 3 more months dadda!

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