Thursday, June 26, 2008

Halfway There!

Hi Friends! We are on the halfway mark of 2008 - congratulations!

July is fast approaching. We hardly realize the closure of the first half of the year. Now the second half is near and unfolding. Have u ever thought how the January to June were for you? Were u able to accomplish the goals you've set? How was your new years resolution?

hahaha serious?

Okay let's shift mood and let me talk about myself. hehehe. Nyemnyem had accomplish some part of my to do list esp the Love part hehehe. click here for my to do list 08

Let me start with School - Nyemnyem is on leave this term, its because I am pursuing a Family career as of the moment =). Treasury Operations and Derivatives and Options Pricing classes went well. I got 4 on my classcards for both subjects, can u believe it? However, I failed to learn the Portfolio Management on my own. Its just too tiring to self study something halfheartedly. Besides I have lots of things in mind that time, first on the list was the wedding.

For Family, Church, Finances and Office sections lots of the to do is still in progress. I was too biased and concentrated in the Love part that I failed to do much for the said sections. =D Well at least I have attended the Microsoft Excel 07 training for 'Office', have gone to outings for 'Family', have reimbursed my tuition fees for 'Finances' and have gone to church regularly when I am in calumpit. Franchising seminar and desktop publishing training will have to make way for the cooking class I am planning to attend.

Then there's the "Love section". The only part Ive aced for the 6 months, hehehe. Ive gotten to know Vhin better, Ive said "I DO" last May 18 and lastly I am now on the halfway mark of pregnancy! Geez, be really careful for what u wish for it just might come true. Read my answer in the question: What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007? here read the 6th Q&A

we're preggers

Nyemnyem is super excited to take this path because i have a great husband to accompany me on my journey, wonderful family to make life easy and a marvelous God who never forgets His promises.

Thank you to everyone who has made the first half of my 2008 extraordinary!

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