Monday, January 07, 2008

things to do in 2008 a.k.a reconstructed new years resolution

I read years ago in a magazine that if you do your planning for the entire year make sure you have topics and sub-topics. It says if you just put everything you wanted to write in a sheet of paper without an aim, you'll probably overlook other issues that you need to prioritize over those whose importance seem to be too big. For example, while doing your new years plan you have a problem in school - tendency is you will fill your calendar with studying, review and paper works and forget that u have other important matters to attend to e.g. family, lovelife, work, play and yourself. Matalino ka nga, wala ka namang family time. O kaya napromote ka nga wala ka namang lovelife, wala din di ba?

So you have to know your goals or else you'll end up lost and with no target in sight.

Love. Family. Church. Finance. Work. School. (Twas what I wrote last year did I miss any? [see], comments are welcome =>)

Notice how the arrangement differs from last year, hahaha, love now comes first! =P
Well for the reason readers of this blog already know, I am getting married this year. I don't know about you but the news about me tying the knot made a lot of people extra excited. Is it because I'm already turning 29? hahaha. (see kailan ka mag-aasawa? post). Nways, heres my to do list.

-To get to know my 'sinta' more.
-To say "Yes I do" aaaaay, ano ba mas ok na vow, will it be sweeter if you say your own pledge or just say Yes to whatever the officiating minister would say. Besides I'd be super excited that day baka di ko maalala ung vow ko.
Vhin wants to have a baby daw agad while I wanted to spend more time with him muna sana. Nway, an tiny family member would be extremely welcome. Saka 29 na nga pala ko! hahaha. OMG, did i really put having a baby on my to do list? wahahahaha)

-To have lots of bonding time. Not necessarily, star-city outing type ha. Simpleng bonding lang kasi I got to save money =P
-To still go home every weekend.
-To compliment more, sometimes I tend to forget this part.

-To attend the sunday service in Gatbuca regularly and the midweek service here in "bread".
-To become a good disciple and be able to walk the talk more and more.
-To acknowledge the leaders and be more obedient, hehe.
-To have regular praying and reading time, i missed this part last year.
-To go to the missions pa din, 1 lang muna ulit.
-To get to know Christ and make Him known.

-Transfer to a new boarding house, since my boardmate left already. Either that or find a new boardmate? Do you know anyone? SOS.
-To earn more! Well last year I got a fairly good increase hopefully this year I'll get better. ayayay!
-To get high grades so I may be able to reimburse my tuition fees =)
-To attend the Franchising Orientation of this company I want to join, hopefully I'll be able to find time next month. Hopefully din, i'll get the support I need. Business Plan A.
-To attend Desktop publishing trainings, for the other project I was eyeing. Business Plan B.

-To attend trainings on maximizing excel power in financial forecasting. Since we're now moving from lotus smartsuite to excel (ancient I know...) I think I should better gear up to this change. Not that I am not adept with excel but there are some more things to know ayt, probabilities, monte carlo, solver and uncertainties scenarios. eeew nerdy things ba.
-Same as last year, just that hopefully workloads will be evenly distributed this time.
-That I will be able to file everything, no matter how busy I may be.
-Continuous good relationship with everybody.

-Not that school is not important, no. Just that I might put this aside for a while to do other things. After completing the Diploma courses this term, I think I have to defer Masteral studies muna to pursue another career called Family.
-For my last term, I have to be able to make sure I grasp everything. My subjects now are Treasury Operations and Derivatives and Options Pricing. I chose these two because I think I'll be able to use this more. Sana teachers are great.
-To earn friends, since my friends didnt enroll in Treas Opt, i hope to gain new friends again this time.
-Though I wont take Portfolio Management I wish to still learn the trade, have to self study and ask friends for notes.

-Avoid cold water, or just anything cold for that matter. In moderation naman daw pwede =)
-Avoid soy sauce, salt and fish sauce, or PMS to death!
-Regular derma visits especially now, I don't want to have zillion zits on my day, ayt?
-Avoid stress.
-Smile and laugh more and some more!!!
-Live and love to the fullest. Mwaaaah.

2008: A season of change. A season of Love! Cheers =D

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