Wednesday, January 23, 2008

girl friends, weddings etc

Yesterday, i bumped into May Galang, my highschool classmate.
Today, i bumped into Gaye Centeno, friend from church since childhood!
Both in MRT, the first one at buendia and the other in Magallanes!
Funny how great it feels to see someone you havent seen for quite sometime. Blissful moments like this are super special. Sino naman kaya mamimeet ko bukas.

Oh and i went to Wedding Library at Megamall kanina. Mabait ung girl, she even pointed out that the magazine I am looking is on sale. She asked me agad when I will get married and entertained me siguro she saw my ring. Eh she didnt asked the girl beside me naman.

My inbox is full of weddings@work egroup mails. Wasnt aware that girls are so OC when it comes to their wedding. Ung isa dun 2009 pa ikakasal sobrang super prepare na ha!

Now I know what H2B, MIL, MOH and FG mean. hehehe

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markz08 said...

nakz, hehehe. ;) kelan ba exact date? hehehe

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